Your Business Reputation and Social Media

Most of us rely on social media to make connections and attract new business. This is particularly true in the age of social distancing, mask wearing and widespread caution due to the pandemic. It is certainly much safer than in-person networking.

However, for those who are unwary, the internet can also destroy professional and business reputation. As we have seen in the news time and again, business owners, professionals, and even celebrities can have their careers ground to a screeching halt because of offensive tweets, intemperate social media activity, and other actions that can be called out for being offensive or insensitive. In the age of #cancel, this can become a serious concern for professionals and business owners who rely on their personal reputations to connect with customers and clients.

At BHCRS, we have developed training and consulting services aimed at minimizing the risk of social media backlash and reputation damage. Our services would help you eliminate trouble spots in your team’s social media history and recommend guidelines to proactively prevent public relations crises. Services can be delivered in-person or through conferencing software nation-wide. Please Contact Us for more information and schedule a free consultation.

Published by Bobby Huen

Owner of BHCRS.

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