Mediation vs Arbitration: What’s the difference?

In legal disputes, parties often resort to litigation or arbitration to resolve their issues. However, there is another way to resolve disputes that is gaining popularity: mediation. BH Conflict Resolution Services is a mediation practice based in Florida that specializes in helping parties reach mutually beneficial solutions. In this blog post, we will discuss theContinue reading “Mediation vs Arbitration: What’s the difference?”

Mediation and Confidentiality

Mediation is a powerful tool for resolving disputes and conflicts in a way that is faster, less expensive, and more amicable than traditional court proceedings. At BH Conflict Resolution Services, we believe in the power of mediation to help parties find mutually acceptable solutions and move forward in a positive direction. In this blog post,Continue reading “Mediation and Confidentiality”

Parenting Plan: What does it do?

Divorce can be an emotional and stressful time for families, especially when it comes to determining a parenting plan for children. It’s important for divorcing parents to have a plan in place that outlines the care, custody, and support of their children. A parenting plan can help minimize conflicts and ensure the well-being of theContinue reading “Parenting Plan: What does it do?”

What Mediators Can (and Cannot) Do for You

Mediation is a popular alternative to traditional court proceedings that can help resolve conflicts in a faster, more cost-effective, and amicable way. Mediators are trained professionals who assist parties in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of their disputes. However, it is important to understand what a mediator can and cannot do during the process. AContinue reading “What Mediators Can (and Cannot) Do for You”

Your Business Reputation and Social Media

Most of us rely on social media to make connections and attract new business. This is particularly true in the age of social distancing, mask wearing and widespread caution due to the pandemic. It is certainly much safer than in-person networking. However, for those who are unwary, the internet can also destroy professional and businessContinue reading “Your Business Reputation and Social Media”