Consultation Services

At BHCRS, we offer a variety of consulting services aimed at guiding individuals, businesses and organizations to handle unexpected emergencies, communicate with stakeholders during a public relations incident, and preserve their professional reputation.

Our services can be delivered in person or virtually through video conferencing, and we offer attractive and flexible rates. Please contact us for a quote.

Crisis Management and Communication Services

We live in an increasingly polarized and inter-connected world, where accusations of all types can bring a carefully cultivated brand image and professional reputation to a smothering ruin in a matter of hours. As highly-trained communicators and crisis managers, we can help mitigate damage to your business and professional reputation by reaching out to the public and the press to correct any misconceptions.

Reputation Auditing Services

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Don’t wait until an old tweet, a potentially offensive joke, or other artifacts from your social media activity come back to destroy your business and professional reputation. Request a reputation audit to clear your social media profile of any potential threats.

Comprehensive Conflict Analysis Services

While healthy constructive conflict can lead to innovation, an organization that is constantly stuck in conflict mode is inefficient and creates a toxic work environment for your employees. As experts in conflict resolution, we can help resolve workplace conflict issues by designing systems that would promote workplace collaboration and harmony among stakeholders.

“In a digitally connected world a byte of data can boost or bite your brand”.

Bernard Kelvin Clive

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