Family Mediation Services

Family mediation is a process that helps families resolve conflicts and disputes through non-adversarial means. As a provider of family mediation services, we believe in a rational, compassionate and caring approach that would lead to successful settlements, bringing peace of mind to all parties and minimize harm.

Our services can be delivered virtually through video conferencing, and we offer in-person conferences by request in select locations in Florida. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Divorce Mediation

Dissolving a marriage is never an easy task. As experts in conflict resolution and certified practitioners of Family Mediation, we can help both parties to achieve peace of mind by providing impartial and fair guidance, eliminating the need for a drawn-out process and minimizing the pain and uncertainty that might emerge.

Parenting Plans

Regardless of the parents’ marital status, a well-planned routine and parenting plan provides stability, and is an essential element to a child’s well-being. As a family mediation provider, we can assist parents create a comprehensive parenting plan that would set parameters for every aspect of a child’s custody and upbringing.

Probate Mediation

The loss of a loved one is always a difficult event, and inheritance disputes can create stress, foster lifelong animosity and fracture loving relationships. Working as neutral and impartial mediators, we can help resolve existing conflicts and prevent future disputes before they spiral into years-long litigation.

Family Business Mediation

Family business mediation is a form of family mediation that focuses on resolving disputes related to family-owned businesses. This can include disputes over ownership, management, or the distribution of profits. Family business mediation is designed to help families find solutions that ensure the long-term success of their business and preserve family relationships.

“Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.”

Toni Morrison

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