Mediation Services

At BH Conflict Resolution Services, we offer a variety of mediation and conflict resolution services for individuals, businesses, and organizations. We provide impartial and confidential* services that guide disputing parties to a fair and equitable settlement.

Our services can be delivered in person or virtually through video conferencing, and we offer attractive and flexible rates. Please contact us for a quote.

Civil Circuit Mediation

As a certified practitioner of Civil Circuit Mediation in the state of Florida, we can help two litigating parties to come to an agreement, either before the suit is filed or as mandated by the court system. We aim to provide impartial and fair guidance to both parties with the goal of achieving a resolution that is satisfactory to both parties.

Divorce and Family Mediation

Dissolving a marriage is never an easy task. As experts in conflict resolution and certified practitioners of Family Mediation, we can help both parties to achieve peace of mind by providing impartial and fair guidance, eliminating the need for a drawn-out process and minimizing the pain and uncertainty that might emerge.

Family and Probate Mediation

Family conflicts such as divorces and inheritance disputes can create stress, foster lifelong animosity and fracture loving relationships. Working as neutral and impartial mediators, we can help resolve existing conflicts and prevent future disputes before they spiral into years-long litigation.

Private Mediation and Arbitration for Businesses

Lawsuits are expensive, and they can take a long time to resolve. As experts in conflict resolution, we can bring extensive knowledge and expertise to resolve conflicts before litigation become inevitable. Through mediation or arbitration, we provide a cost-efficient and expeditious alternative to resolve business disputes.

Renter/Landlord and Lease Dispute Resolution

In uncertain economic times, we are seeing an uptick of disputes between landlords and tenants. Before pursuing your claims through a lengthy and costly legal process, we aim to provide a cost-effective and expedient resolution for both parties through mediation and assisted negotiation.

Workplace Dispute Mediation

A conflict free workplace is a happy, productive workplace. However, a toxic working relations can cause headaches for both management and team members. We can help resolve workplace disputes through mediation and create action plans to resolve future conflicts.

Discrimination and Employment Mediation

Allegations of discrimination and unfair employment practices can ruin your professional reputation and lead to negative attention on social media and beyond. BHCRS can help settles claims of discrimination and other employment disputes before they escalate into lengthy court battles and media firestorms.

HOA and Condo Board Mediation

Florida is home to thousands of planned and board-managed communities, and sometimes residents and property owners might battle with each other and the board over a variety of issues. As a trained mediators, arbitrators and negotiators, we can provide a cost effective and expeditious way to resolve these disputes without the time and expenses needed to pursue litigation.

* For court-ordered mediation services, Confidentiality cannot be broken unless required or permitted by law per rule 10.420(a) of Rules for Certified and Court Appointed Mediators.

“An ounce of mediation is worth a pound of arbitration and a ton of litigation!”

Joseph Grynbaum

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