Family Assets and Probate Mediation

Welcome to BH Conflict Resolution Services, a leading provider of family business and probate mediation services. Led by Dr. Bobby Huen, a certified civil and family mediator, our company is committed to helping families navigate complex issues and find amicable solutions. With our expertise and experience, we provide specialized mediation services that address family business disputes and probate matters. Whether you’re facing conflicts within your family business or need assistance with probate-related disputes, we are here to guide you through the mediation process. With our virtual mediation services available nationwide, distance is not a barrier to resolving your family matters.

Family Business Mediation

Family businesses are unique entities that require careful consideration when resolving conflicts. Our family business mediation services are designed to help your family navigate through disputes and transitions, ensuring the preservation of relationships and the longevity of your business.

Family Business Conflict Resolution: Our experienced mediators specialize in family business conflicts, providing a neutral and unbiased perspective to help parties find common ground. We facilitate constructive communication, encourage active listening, and guide you towards mutually agreeable solutions. Our goal is to preserve family ties and promote the long-term success of your business.

Smooth Transitions and Succession Planning: Family businesses often face challenges during transitions, such as succession planning or changes in leadership. Our mediation process focuses on fostering collaboration and understanding, allowing family members to work together in defining their roles and responsibilities. We assist you in creating effective succession plans that ensure a seamless transition while considering the needs and aspirations of each family member.

Conflict Resolution for Probate Matters

Probate disputes can arise after the passing of a loved one, leading to emotional stress and strained family relationships. At BH Conflict Resolution Services, we offer professional mediation services to help families resolve probate-related conflicts with empathy, compassion, and efficiency.

Mediation for Estate Disputes: Our skilled mediators specialize in guiding families through estate disputes, such as disagreements over wills, asset distribution, or inheritance matters. We create a safe and confidential space where family members can express their concerns, share their perspectives, and work towards mutually satisfactory resolutions. Our aim is to minimize the emotional toll and financial costs associated with probate litigation.

Expertise in Inheritance Conflicts: Inheritance disputes can cause significant tension within families. Our mediation process provides an effective alternative to court battles by fostering open dialogue and facilitating compromise. We help families navigate through complex issues, such as contested wills, unequal distributions, or disagreements over family heirlooms, with the objective of reaching fair and equitable solutions.

Nationwide Virtual Mediation Services

BH Conflict Resolution Services is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but our mediation services are available nationwide through convenient and secure video conferencing platforms. Our virtual mediation sessions allow you to participate in the mediation process from the comfort of your own location, eliminating the need for travel expenses and scheduling conflicts.

“Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.”

John F. Kennedy

Benefits of Choosing BH Conflict Resolution Services

Expert Mediation Specialists: Our team of certified mediators, led by Dr. Bobby Huen, possesses extensive experience in family business and probate mediation. We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that families face in these contexts, enabling us to guide you towards effective solutions.

Confidential and Neutral Environment: We provide a confidential and neutral environment where all parties can express their concerns openly and honestly. This fosters trust, encourages collaboration, and facilitates the exploration of mutually beneficial resolutions.

Cost-Effective Alternative: Mediation is a cost-effective alternative to traditional litigation, allowing you to save significant legal expenses. By choosing mediation, you can focus on resolving conflicts efficiently and maintaining family relationships without lengthy court battles.

Efficient and Timely Resolutions: Our mediation process is designed to deliver efficient and timely resolutions. By working collaboratively with all parties involved, we strive to reach agreements that meet everyone’s needs and minimize the duration of the dispute.

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    Probate disputes can strain family relationships and prolong the settlement process, adding stress and financial burdens to an already challenging time. However, probate mediation provides a compassionate and efficient approach to resolving conflicts. BH Conflict Resolution Services, led by Dr. Bobby Huen, offers specialized probate mediation services, with virtual mediation available nationwide. By prioritizing relationship preservation, cost-effectiveness, timely resolutions, confidentiality, and asset preservation, BH Conflict Resolution Services assists families in finding peace and closure during the probate process. Contact BH Conflict Resolution Services today to navigate probate disputes with compassion and expertise.

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