Mediation and Confidentiality

Mediation is a powerful tool for resolving disputes and conflicts in a way that is faster, less expensive, and more amicable than traditional court proceedings. At BH Conflict Resolution Services, we believe in the power of mediation to help parties find mutually acceptable solutions and move forward in a positive direction. In this blog post,Continue reading “Mediation and Confidentiality”

Conflict Resolution: An Overview

“So… What do you do?” “Oh, so you just got your doctorate, congratulations! Which subject is it in?” “Conflict Analysis and Resolution” *blank expression* “Oh, interesting… So are you a mediator? What do you do exactly?” “…” I am a recent doctoral graduate in conflict analysis and resolution, and the conversation above happens to meContinue reading “Conflict Resolution: An Overview”

Mediation 101

Mediation is an increasingly common practice to resolve disputes both inside and outside the legal arena. In Florida, many judges are now sending civil cases to mediation in order to relieve the enormous case backlog. In addition, businesses and individuals are increasingly using mediation and other dispute resolution services to solve their problems. So, whatContinue reading “Mediation 101”