Training Services

A BHCRS, we believe in the power of education and training as a way to empower business owners and organization leaders. We train individuals, small businesses, or groups. Our training is also available to political campaigns and professional conferences.

Our services can be delivered in person or virtually through video conferencing, and we offer attractive and flexible rates. Please contact us for a quote.

Online Reputation Training

We live in a time where our online reputation matters more than ever. Old tweets, Facebook likes, and even who you are friends with online can make or break your business and professional reputation. We provide training for business owners and employees about how to keep your reputation intact.

Mediation Training for HR

Workplace disputes are an inevitable part of running a business. Is your Human Resources representative or department prepared to resolve workplace disputes? BHCRS provides training to equip managers with conflict resolution tools to defuse workplace disputes and promote a healthy working environment for your business and organization.

Training for Political Campaigns

Running for office is a great way to serve your community and making your voice heard. However, a careless social media post by anyone on your team can torpedo any nascent political career. We provide training and guidance to sanitize your team’s social media profile and posts to minimize potential controversies and maximize your appeal to voters.

Diversity and Sensitivity Training

Diversity can be a challenging issue in the modern workplace, and if not handled properly, it can lead to a variety of problems, from morale erosion to public relations headaches for your organization. Our diversity training will empower your organization, allowing it to embrace and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of your team members and minimize potential problems.

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel“.


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